Top 7 Kitchen Trends For 2018

Kitchen trends have changed quite a lot in recent years. From its simple function of being a “dirty kitchen” where the art of cooking is hidden from guests, the kitchen has now gained more attention. People are opting towards a more open and welcoming area. It has now become a place that’s not only for cooking but for dining, family bonding, and leisure, so it’s no surprise that the kitchen look will change drastically as well.

The year 2018 brings us a drastic change to the kitchen that dives into a more self-expressive, functional, and overall bold look with the new kitchen trends. From the advice of design experts, here are the top 7 kitchen trends to incorporate in your kitchen for 2018.

1. Dark Blues, Metallic Lines, and Texture Reign Alongside White


It’s no surprise that white is still a very much loved color for the kitchen. The ambience it brings speaks of cleanliness, openness, and overall welcoming. The same goes for the grayish tones. It creates a more open area that brings people in, but people in recent years have moved towards a bolder sense of color in the kitchen.

One drastic change in kitchen trends that you will see in 2018 is the mass application of darker colors. A few favorites are dark jewels such as black, navy, emerald green, and plum. These darker tones are said to portray elegance. Match them up with hints of metallic handles and chair frames, and your kitchen will have that dramatic and luxurious lifestyle.

Aside from color, texture is also a new big thing this 2018. More and more people desire the feel and not only the looks of a well-designed kitchen.

2. Different Ceramic Designs Soon to Replace Hardwood Floors


Along with the bolder look that is incorporated in the kitchen trends for 2018 is the application of ceramic tiles in place of hardwood as flooring. This is mainly because of the recent advances in technology that gives ceramics new looks and design.

People are loving this new concept. One main reason is because it is easier to maintain, and the fact that the designs can be modified to look like wood is a plus. Also, it is not only the design that’s changed but also the shapes of these tiles.

In addition to the ceramic craze, homeowners also incorporate rugs with antique design to add more bold colors to the room. Looks like 2018 will be a bold and colorful one, huh?

3. Neolith Rises Next to Quartz as Countertop Favorite

Quartz has always reigned as the king of the countertops because of its sturdiness and low maintenance but is to be rivaled by a newcomer. Just like quartz, Neolith is also sturdy and low-maintenance. However, the product is said to be 100% natural, and people are loving it. Another plus is that it comes in more varying designs and color, so it fits the need of the consumers who are looking for something new for their kitchen.

Along with the new choice of countertop material, talk of functionality also comes into mind. Last year, multifunctional sinks have gained popularity, and experts say that it will only go up from there.

4. Upper Cabinets No More, and Disappearing Vents Are in

Open shelves are in, and upper cabinets are going away. This is yet one of the drastic kitchen trends for the year 2018 and maybe even for the years to come. Everyone knows that upper cabinets are a pain to reach and sometimes even impossible. This is why most designers see an incline in open shelves because of its simplicity and function.

With simplicity comes cleanliness. This is proven to be a fact because one of the kitchen trends in 2018 is hiding the vents. Vents have been an eyesore for decades, but their necessity makes it impossible to get rid of. A trick to make them disappear is by camouflaging them by using the same colors used on the walls to where it is attached.

Open shelves and disappearing vents are just a few ways to make your kitchen look bigger and more open, and homeowners are loving this concept.

5. Kitchen Islands Gains More Popularity, and Dogs Love It


This next kitchen trend is not a new one, but its designs and function have evolved. This is what makes it new. Kitchen islands are a must for 2018 and the following years. Its idea of bringing people in the kitchen makes the place more lively and family-friendly.

The uses of kitchen islands have since evolved from a simple table to the side to a multifunctional countertop. A kitchen island used to be just a dining area, but now it is utilized with a sink and dishwasher, as a storage area, and even as an eating or sleeping stations for families with pets.

The incorporation of a kitchen island makes a kitchen more spacious. It also helps in bringing in the family together where they can each help with cooking alongside their family pets.

6. Kitchens Are Revolutionized With Growing Technology

The future is now. As technology grows, living has become more and more simple. Imagine being able to control a space in your house with just one click from your phone. Imagine that space to be your kitchen. Wi-Fi-connected smart appliances are being introduced, and they are making the kitchens “smart.”

Smart kitchens are a hit in 2018. It is perhaps the most revolutionary change in kitchen trends these days. Their sleek metallic and simple looks along with their convenience are what gets people attracted to them.

Are you busy 24/7? Consider adding in smart appliances, and have more time for yourself.

7. LED Strips Are a Must-have in the Kitchen for Its Simplicity


Aesthetics, color, and design are all elements that need to be considered in designing a kitchen but don’t forget what gives ambiance to the room—lights. In recent years, LED lights have made a huge impact. Their simplicity and brightness have shed light in people’s hearts, but for the kitchen trends of 2018, this tool has taken on a new use.

LED strips are a must. Designers agree that lining the underside of counters and cupboards gives the kitchen a grandeur that other lights just don’t. It emphasizes the countertops even more when applied under the shelves or cabinets above.

So, whether you’re moving to a new house or renovating, these 7 kitchen trends for 2018 should always be kept in mind. Think bold, open spaces, functionality, and elegance. Stay ahead of things, and give that 2018 kitchen a polish.

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