Top 6 Spring Kitchen Trends Of 2018

2018 is paving the way for new kitchen designs in Westchester and Putnam County, NY. According to Schmidt, a furniture manufacturer, features such as timber veneers, contrasting colors, metallic styles, and industrial looks give your kitchen some enhanced aesthetics.

Various colors and trendy designs can be viable options to refreshen the look of your kitchen. The kitchen is a room in the house that is integral to daily living, so if you're curious about what designs are trending, read below to discover what those are. Whether your plan is building or renovating a kitchen, these 2018 trends might help you choose the right one for you.

1. Pastel Colors Still on Point

Everyone loves pastel colors. They neither appear bright nor dark, and they provide a more relaxing ambiance compared to bright colors. Pastel colors can also be used in highlighting some features in your kitchen that will surely impress.

2. Gold is Still Gold

According to experts, gold hues will give off a nice ambiance if combined with browns and organic materials. This combination will serve to your advantage because it accentuates other colors of your kitchen furniture.

3. Kitchen Island is a Must

For this year, kitchen islands continue to be trendy. A kitchen island can be used as a breakfast bar and as storage as well. A kitchen island with a small sink will surely add sophistication to your kitchen.

4. Good Lighting Means Elegance

Trendy lighting can help your kitchen look more elegant. Concealed lightings are also growing in popularity. These lights do not only brighten the room, but they add contrast to existing lighting features.

5. Industrial Look is Still on the Rise

The industrial look of a kitchen continues to be popular. The industrial look features a concrete effect that will definitely give your kitchen a classy, modern, urban vibe.

6. Beach Style Décor is the Craze

In an article by Laura House for Daily Mail Australia, she highlighted a beach-designed kitchen. Highlighting white as the majority color of this design, it appears to be pure and relaxing to the eyes. Although this style is rather popular, it provides a distinction from other kitchen designs.

Kitchen styling will definitely depend on the owner’s preferences. In some cases, the season may affect the decision-making process on what design to choose.

For spring 2018, new ideas are starting to emerge, such as framing botanicals in the kitchen. The greenery then helps your kitchen get a refreshing look. A wooden breakfast bar can also be an option if you want to add a dramatic feel.

Orange can also be used as backsplash color which will give more radiance to the white or wooden materials in the kitchen.

Marble designs are also a hit for this spring season, as it gives a luxurious finish to the surfaces of materials. To give your kitchen some modern touches, you can opt to add geometric tiles.

Upgrading your kitchen can be expensive but renovating it will give a classic and timeless design. Sparkling quartz counters, minimalistic-designed cabinets, big and practical sinks, and polished- silver finishes can be acquired with the right design and budget.

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