Factors That Influence the Cost of Your Westchester Kitchen Remodel

Doing your Westchester kitchen remodel is an investment you often have to consider for your home, and it usually doesn't come cheap especially if you want a great outcome for your space. Whether your kitchen space is small or large, the price is often one of the primary considerations when planning and paying for a remodel.

There are several choices for kitchen remodels around Westchester based on what you want to be replaced and done. These levels also come in various price ranges, whether a small or mid- size range remodel, depending on several factors.

Whether you’re eyeing a simple or elegant design, prepare your checklist and start planning with this in mind. Here are some of the common factors that affect the price tag of a Westchester kitchen remodel:

Kitchen Space

One of the factors that greatly affect how much a kitchen remodel would cost is the kitchen space itself. A small kitchen only has a small upgrade needed and wouldn't cost that much. However, if you have a larger kitchen space, it has a lot of features to be considered in the remodel. In addition, most kitchen remodel pricing is computed per kitchen area.


A square space for a kitchen is obviously the fastest and easiest way to work around in a remodel and is also the most cost-efficient. While it might not be known to a lot of people, no matter how small the kitchen space you have if it has a lot of strange angles around it, it can be hard for the contractor. Ultimately, it can be an added cost to a kitchen remodeling job.

The complexity of a layout also needs custom works, especially for the cabinetry. You won't always find furniture and cabinets in the store that would perfectly fit those fancy layouts and you should already be aware how much custom-made furniture costs.

Also, when remodeling your kitchen, changing the layout can cost you some. Working around the existing layout would be a lot cheaper since your contractor wouldn’t need to move electrical and plumbing.


In addition, the complexity of the work you want to be done in your kitchen space can greatly affect your kitchen remodel bill. If you want a fresh coat of paint for your walls and cabinets and an upgrade on appliances, that should be fine. However, if you are looking to knock down some walls or build new ones, it would definitely be going to add to your Westchester kitchen remodel cost.

If you want to change the layout of your kitchen, like changing placements of furniture, perhaps you should also be ready to increase your budget. Changing kitchen layout means additional plumbing and electrical works and that can cost you a lot.


One of the deciding features of a kitchen space is the cabinetry; the cabinets all around the kitchen space. In a kitchen remodel, cabinets can be affordable. However, it can also cost you a lot depending on what you want to do with your existing ones.

For one, if you only need to reface your cabinets, it would only take changing the front faces and the hardware which means it won’t cost you a lot. However, if you want to change the entirety of your cabinetry, that is a different matter.

In addition, the cost is also a matter of how you choose cabinets to be installed in your kitchen. Do you want to have ready-made cabinets or custom-made ones? There are low-end options which come cheap, and there are also high-end ones that will be worth some bucks.


It's not just space and the layout; materials are also big contributors to a Westchester kitchen remodel cost. The materials you prefer or have chosen to use on your remodel are also a big factor. For one, upgrading from your simple laminate countertop to a marble or granite countertop can come at a price.

Do you prefer having the basic plain tiles or you want glass mosaic accents in your kitchen? Perhaps, you want to upgrade to the latest and newest appliance models?

The choices you make on the materials used for the remodel, even the smallest ones, can affect your final remodeling cost. One way to go around this dilemma is to choose only the kind of materials that are necessary for your kitchen, your lifestyle, and what will make you happy in the long run and not simply because they’re the latest innovation.


Beautiful windows add to the aesthetics of a newly renovated kitchen space. However, including window works on your kitchen remodel can come at a cost.

Size of the windows, for one, is a deciding factor on how affordable or how costly the job will be. In addition, the features you want to have on your windows can also affect the pricing.

Do you want to add sun protection, screens, or window tints? That can come at a cost even considering that you don’t need to replace window frames and jambs.

Sub Contractors

Hiring a kitchen remodeling firm can help you get the best footing and where to start your project. However, they don't always have the all-around skills to finish the job and as such, hiring subcontractors can be essential. However, remodeling contractors have the contacts you need if you have to hire subcontractors for the job.

Their good relationship with subcontractors means that they can help you negotiate for the best price.

A lot of factors can affect a Westchester kitchen remodel. However, the kitchen space, complexity, and materials are all things you closely have to consider when setting a budget for your Westchester kitchen remodel.

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