7 Nearby Fall Getaways in New York

Fall is a beautiful season where you can have a most delightful time outdoors against a bronze-tinted nature as a background. 

When the transition from summer to winter comes, you usually think of Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe in California, or Sedona, Arizona as your go-to destinations. 

What you might not know is that there are plenty of fall weekend getaways destinations just in New York during the season. Here are seven of the awesome places you can definitely put on your list for your autumn vacation. 

1. Cooperstown 

Cooperstown is a picturesque village located in Otsego County, New York. Its most famous attraction is The National Baseball Hall of Fame Museum. After a walk down history lane, you can watch first-hand the process of making cider at Fly Creek Cider Mill and Orchard. 

Driving to Cooperstown from the city will take about four hours. 

2. Catskills 

Catskills is a town at Greene County, New York. If you are fond of hiking, the Catskills is perfect for you. At the Overlook Mountain, there’s a hiking trail that leads to a scenic view of the Echo Lake. You can set-up camp and be one with nature. It’s just two hours away from the city. 

3. Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz 

It is a serene and scenic place where you can indulge in the historical setting of the Victorian castle. Enjoy a long stroll through the beautiful French gardens or a lazy day reading by the peaceful lake. 

You can also find the Mohonk Preserve in the area, which is the largest nature preserve with a variety of streams, ponds, cliffs, and forests. This restful fall haven is just two hours away from the city. 

4. Hudson Valley 

The Hudson Valley fall getaways will let you spend your vacation camping in style. In summer, New York is too hot, while it becomes too cold in the winter; on the other hand, during the spring, it’s more likely to rain. This is why fall is the perfect opportunity for New Yorkers to camp and embrace the joy of living outdoors. 

You can go to Collective Retreats for a camping-in-glamour experience. Hudson Valley also houses Liberty Farm, which is an organic farm where you can purchase all things organic during the season. Go horseback riding from the many available equestrian centres in the area, too! 

5. Saratoga Springs 

In Saratoga County, New York you can find mineral springs almost everywhere, which has made it a popular resort haven for decades. 

You can start your day by having an invigorating hike through the Hiking trails and relish the fall scenery with each step. Catch your breath by taking a leisurely walk through the apple orchards, and lastly, end the day by unwinding at the Country Corner Café and enjoy their homemade jam. 

6. Adirondacks 

If you love Yosemite, you are definitely going to love Adirondacks. It’s much larger and has many wetlands such as swamps, marshes, and bogs. It’s undoubtedly a treat for the nature-lover in you. 

It also has a collection of fall foliage like American Beech, Sugar Maple, Red Maple, Quaking Aspen, and Yellow Birch. 

You can also go to Lake Placid if you want to go hiking or to Cranberry Lake if you want to camp and get in touch with nature. 

7. North Fork, Long Island 

North Fork Long Island is one of the most romantic weekend getaways in NYC during the fall. The peninsula is famous for its viticulture and has 30 and more vineyards. You can learn how grapes are made into a glass of wine which you can enjoy at the end of your tour. 

There also arboretums and botanic gardens. It is a quiet place to spend the fall in, but definitely a place where time is worth spending. Plus, it is an ideal destination to go to with that special someone. 

When you hear the place New York, the beautiful, fall foliage rarely comes to mind. However, between New York’s biting cold during the winter and searing heat in the summer, a mesmerizing bronze blanket will comfort you in the fall. 

New York offers a lot of activities from hikes to leisurely walks through the garden. It’s a perfect way to celebrate the season of fall. 

A busy city throughout the year, the city that never sleeps offers you an opportunity to be one with nature. You only have to choose among these seven fall getaways in New York. Say adieu to the sunny weather and be ready for the coming cold season with an Instagram-worthy, copper-filled getaway. 

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