7 Beautiful Westchester Kitchen Remodels You Should Consider

There are different standards of beauty whether it’s in the form of clothing, jewelry, your home, or even your kitchen. While beauty comes in various forms, it all looks quite the same when you base it on order, space, and aesthetics when it comes to kitchen remodels. A beautiful dream kitchen, no matter what the order of furniture and design of things are, is far different from a messy and disorderly one.

While you can’t simply appease everybody’s standard, there are various options to beautify your kitchen. Here are some beautiful Westchester kitchen ideas that you can take inspiration from to dream and be inspired in building your dream kitchen. 

1) Scarsdale, NY

This Westchester kitchen idea offers a lot of space. You can roam around the kitchen without bumping into anything, a perfect place to house your family and friends. Notice the elegant yet homey and simple but very clean feel of the combination of bright cabinets and tone of wooden floors. The overall lightness of the room also creates a wonderful contrast with the dark countertop. 

2) Somers, NY

Here is a look of another kitchen. Albeit it’s a smaller place compared to the first one, every nook is accounted for. The openings on both ends also help you go around the space with ease. The pristine countertop and cabinets shine brightly combined with darkly toned hardwoods. It all looks immaculate and clean with the added modern edge and the shiny steel fixtures. 

3) Harrison, NY

One of the selling points of this kitchen design is its abundance of space. You can house a party all around this kitchen. It looks like your classic bachelor's pad with the dark monochromatic tones around the kitchen, from the floors, cabinets, and countertop. The wall glasses, in addition to the huge window, also serve well for access to the outside view. The modernly designed cabinets also add to the sleek overall look of the kitchen. 

4) Chappaqua, NY

Who says you can't have a clean kitchen design that doesn't look boring and outdated? This might be a medium-sized kitchen, but it does look like you can have a party around the space with your friends. It's immaculate in its light color tones but packs some great specs to make it look like a total beauty from the porcelain floors, quartz countertops, and stainless steel appliances. 

5) Somers, NY

A small space for a kitchen doesn't have to look messy and tight. If you are more traditional, this 1940s inspired kitchen can give you a great inspiration with its light wood kitchen cabinets and a light marble countertop in contrast with the dark-toned island. Adding stainless steel appliances also polishes the whole look and gives it a classic edge. 

6) Scarsdale, NY

If you have a huge kitchen space or want one with a minimalistic style, this can be your ideal one. The walls and most of the cabinetry are in white tones with the exception of a few upper cabinets. The hardwood floor creates a beautiful and pristine contrast in the whole space.

7) Somers, NY

Rick Scherpf Contracting

Rick Scherpf Contracting

The dark tones of the island cabinets complement well with the overall lightness of the entire kitchen space from most of the cabinets and the countertops. The stainless-steel appliances give it a modern edge and the pieces of wooden furniture complete the eye candy. 

These are only a few Westchester kitchen ideas and designs. Hopefully, these ideas can inspire you in building your dream kitchen. 


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