5 Best Kitchen Countertop Materials For 2018

It pays to be in the know about the current trend in kitchens countertop materials. Whether you are building a new home or simply remodeling your kitchen, choosing a suitable countertop will instantly uplift the overall appearance of your kitchen. The following pros and cons of the most popular kitchen countertop materials will help you come up with an informed decision.

1. Quartz

Quartz is steadily becoming the top choice among homeowners today. Most countertops today use engineered quartz, and to the untrained eye, it could easily be mistaken for granite or marble. New technologies made it possible to produce engineered quartz, which addressed the issue of limited patterns and colors available in natural stone. One of the most durable kitchen countertop materials around, it has overtaken granite in being the favorite pick among homeowners.


  • non-porous and doesn’t require sealing

  • cannot be stained by common household liquids

  • resistant to bacteria and germs

  • abrasion and scratch-resistant

  • wide range of color options

  • waterproof

  • highly durable

  • various edging options available

  • requires minimum effort to clean


  • less resistant to heat compared with granite

  • sensitive to strong chemicals

  • pricey, but worth it because of its durability

2. Granite


Perhaps the only edge engineered quartz has over granite is the lower price tag. Easily the king of elegance among all the kitchen countertop materials, granite instantly increases the kitchen value of any home, as it undeniably looks beautiful and high-end. The two types of granite used in today’s homes are “honed” and “polished,” with the former having a matte finish. Luckily, the price of granite is steadily decreasing because of the increasing number of manufacturers.


  • It does an excellent job holding up to heat.

  • available in a myriad of colors that are resistant to fading

  • resistant to stain as long as it’s sealed

  • next to diamond in toughness

  • can last a lifetime


  • pricey, but worth it in the long run

  • can dull knives because of its exceptional toughness

  • requires proper and periodic sealing because it is natural stone

3. Wood

Wood is quickly becoming a favorite among homeowners because it gives off a warm, traditional cottage feeling. Functional yet decorative, it is perfect for food preps because it’s just like one big chopping board.


  • highly heat-resistant

  • easy to install and repair

  • many varieties available

  • can be recyclable

  • matches most kitchen styles


  • easily nicks and scratches

  • needs to be properly sealed to be sanitary

  • often needs refinishing because of usual wear and tear

4. Marble

Marble is timeless, and also gives a sophisticated look to any kitchen. Often used in kitchen islands, marble easily increases home value. It is ideal for those who prefer a natural veining pattern to their countertops.


  • heat-resistant

  • highly durable

  • gives a feeling of opulence

  • scratches are easily taken care of by simple polishing


  • can be scratched by sharp knives

  • must regularly be sealed

  • hard water leaves a permanent mark

5. Laminates

Laminate countertops are the most budget-friendly out of all the trending kitchen countertop materials. They are currently enjoying reappearance due to the fact that they can now be made to look like natural stone, wood, and even quartz.


  • inexpensive

  • easy to install

  • widely available

  • easy to maintain


  • easily nicks and scratches

  • doesn’t add much to kitchen value

  • essentially has to be replaced when damaged


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